Fault Lines examines the consequences of publishing state secrets and what Assange’s legal case portends for the future of press freedom

"The Imprisonment of Julian Assange", 2023
Assange, WikiLeaks founder, partnered with other media organisations to publish hundreds of thousands of classified US documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2010 in the largest leak of classified information to date. Assange, an Australian citizen, is the only publisher facing charges — and a 175-year sentence under the US Espionage Act for releasing this material an activity journalists engage in every day. He is currently detained in the UK's harshest prison because of a US extradition request. The act has never been used against a publisher before and has raised concerns among First Amendment advocates.

The answer I give my children about why their father is in prison is, he angered some very powerful people who put him in prison and that Julian is in prison because he did something right, not because he did anything wrong.

Stella Assange, international advocate for human rights and wife of Julian Assange
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