Fault Lines investigates how the NFL escaped paying billions of dollars to former players who suffered devastating brain damage playing America’s most popular sport

Emmy-nominated "Bloodsport", 2022
The discovery of CTE, a novel and devastating brain disease with increasing frequency in the postmortem brains of NFL players, imperiled the future of America’s most powerful and profitable sports league a decade ago. Public opinion faltered as a class action lawsuit representing nearly 5,000 former players claimed the NFL had fraudulently concealed the risks of the sport. The NFL got ahead of its PR crisis in 2013 with a settlement that promised to provide money and medical care to retired NFL players living in the clutches of CTE and other neurological diseases linked to repeated head trauma. But has this money found its way to these men and their families whose brains were broken for sport? Fault Lines tells the story of former NFL player Carlton Haselrig and his wife Michelle and their struggle to receive the compensation and care promised to them by the NFL.

The settlement was never designed to pay former NFL players for what they were suffering from as a result of playing football—never designed that way. It's a sham.

Amy Lewis, advocate for retired NFL players
Laila Al-Arian, executive producer | Isaac Solotaroff, producer | Jeremy Raff, director of photography | Warwick Meade, editor | Josh Rushing, correspondent