What happens to families torn apart by the US's broken immigration system

"The Deported: America's Immigration Battle", 2014
This year it is expected that the number of immigrants deported under US President Barack Obama will likely surpass two million, more than the total number of deportations prior to 1997. This will result in more families being divided, with many who have lived for decades in the US forced to return to a homeland they barely recognise. Meanwhile in the halls of Congress, the immigration reform debate is still at a standstill, and a civil disobedience movement has spread across the country pushing for Obama to halt deportations until reform passes. Josh Rushing looks beneath the political rhetoric to examine the impact of a broken immigration system on immigrant families.

To think that the state could actively separate families, actively take away the parents of US citizen children, I think we’re going to look back on this time and probably be disgusted.

Daniel Martinez, George Washington University
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