Josh Rushing investigates the largest institutional sex abuse scandal in US history in Fault Lines' first feature length documentary

Scout Master, 2022
A rural Arkansas community grapples with the devastating revelation that a local man used his position as a scout leader to sexually assault young boys. In Scout Master journalist Josh Rushing investigates the horrific impact this abuse has had on survivors, specifically Heath Stocks—a former scout who was convicted of murdering his father, mother and sister. This powerful true crime film from Al Jazeera's Emmy-Award-winning documentary program Fault Lines situates these personal stories of abuse within the more than 80,000 allegations made against The Boy Scouts of America.

“It was a machine that reinforced the code of secrecy, the code of silence, and that was absolutely not to protect the children, it was to protect the organization.”

Tim Kosnoff, founding member, Abused in Scouting
Awarded the Distinguished Service and Excellence in Film Award from the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma in 2023
Premiered at Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute's 2022 Festival
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Laila Al-Arian, executive producer | Neil Collier, director | Eric Ljung, director of photography | Kavitha Chekuru and Josh Rushing, producers | Warwick Meade, editor | Josh Rushing, correspondent