Have US aviation regulators allowed the industry too much control over safety?

"System Failure: The Boeing Crashes", 2019
When a commercial airplane crashed off the coast of Indonesia in October 2018, global aviation authorities were shocked. The aircraft was a 737 MAX, one of Boeing’s newest models. And then when a second MAX dropped out of the sky in Ethiopia in March 2019, investigators said they believed that software on the airplane played a role in both crashes. With 346 people dead and the MAX grounded, aviation authorities around the globe have asked what went wrong, how the US certified the aircraft in 2017 and how oversight failed. Families and investigators are still searching for answers. For this Emmy-nominated episdoe of Fault Lines, Josh Rushing travels from the Paris airshow to the crash site in Ethiopia to Boeing headquarters in Seattle tracing what led to the 737 MAX tragedies and asking if US aviation regulators have allowed the industry too much control over safety.

It’s not about me, it’s about everyone, we might not have any power against Boeing or FAA, as a human being, you don’t let things like this happen and get away with it. It’s inhumane.

Bayihe Demissie, Widower of an Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Victim
Emmy nominated in 2019
The Overseas Press Club of America 2019 citation winner
Laila Al-Arian, executive producer | Kavitha Chekuru, producer | Joel Van Haren, director of photography | Leslie Adkins, editor | Josh Rushing, correspondent