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Josh Rushing, an award-winning journalist and photographer, co-hosts Fault Lines, Al Jazeera’s Emmy-winning, investigative, current affairs show. He has also reported breaking news from all over the world, from the Boston bombing to the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. His work has taken him to more than 40 countries on five continents.

Rushing’s most recent Fault Lines episode, Death on the Bakken Shale, exposes the dangers of working in North Dakota’s oil boom. The show uncovers more than 40 deaths that have occurred on Bakken worksites since 2011 and chases accountability all the way to the governor. Rushing's reporting in Iraq Divided, another recent episode, shatters the binary “good-versus-evil” narrative of the Islamic State that has largely dominated the U.S. media as he travels the entire 600-mile frontline between ISIS and northern Iraq from the Syrian to Iranian borders.

Rushing released his first book in 2007, Mission Al Jazeera: Build a Bridge, Seek the Truth, Change the World, published by Palgrave-MacMillan. The book blends his personal story with a unique behind-the-scenes look into the Al Jazeera broadcast networks. Journalism schools across the world use Mission Al Jazeera as key curricula in opening students minds about the importance of international journalism.

Rushing's photography has been twice awarded first place at FotoWeek DC, featured on the cover of a Center for Fine Art Photography book, exhibited in New York and Washington and published by National Geographic.


Public Speaker
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Rushing engages live groups as frequently as his busy schedule allows. Equally comfortable as a keynote speaker, town-hall meeting moderator and group discussion panelist, Rushing seeks to expand the dialogue surrounding media, government, international conflict and the US. He offers intelligent and informed analysis about the role the US plays in the global arena, especially in the Arab world. Rushing has spoken to more than 100 groups across the US and around the world, ranging from Berkeley grad students to military brass to Bitcoin millionaires. He has received much praise for his ability to connect with diverse audience members and inspire the kind of thought and debate that lasts long after auditoriums empty.

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A former U.S. Marine captain with 14 years in the Corps, Rushing served as a spokesperson at Central Command in Doha, Qatar, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. When his earnest discussions about war coverage with Al Jazeera reporters were featured in the hit documentary, Control Room, Rushing found himself thrust into the public conscious amidst a whirlwind of controversy. The documentary debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004 before being released in theaters across the world.

Rushing left the service so he could speak openly about his role in selling the Iraq war and the US Government's misunderstanding of Al Jazeera. Eventually, Rushing was hired as part of the original team to help launch Al Jazeera English.

Every major news outlet has covered Rushing’s career: The Today Show, Anderson Cooper 360, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The O’Reilly Factor, NPR’s Fresh Air and All Things Considered, Fast Company magazine (cover), GQ, the LA Times (front page), USA Today (front page), The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and countless more.